Species List

The Species List


The information provided includes a list of species, a guide to identification, description of habitat, and sense of geographic distribution. It is based on a review of three on-line museum databases (iDigBio, InvertE-base, and GBIF) as well as Hubricht (1985), Nekola and Coles (2010), and the NatureServe database. Also used for descriptive information was: Dourson (2010, 2015), Oesch et al. (2013), Burch (1962), Hubricht (1985), and “Land Snails and Slugs of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States” by the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Baker (1939) was also used. 

Some species names in the databases had to be updated as the old names were still used - there is some potential error in the updating and taxonomy is fluid. As well, In some cases the NatureServe presence/absence data for Indiana did not agree with the museum database data . Either the species was not recognized in Indiana by NatureServe, but was in at least one of the other sources - or the other way around.


Other species caveats: (1) there may be species existing in the state but have not been collected yet; (2) some may have been collected, but not yet made their way into the online databases; (3) some species listed (especially very old collections) may no longer exist in the state; (4) some identifications may be incorrect; and (5) smaller species may be under-represented in the data.

Habitat: There is a lot of useful and well-earned anecdotal habitat information in the sources. But generally, most land snails are woodland animals - some favor drier or wetter, flatter or more sloped, some tolerate grasses and rough edge habitats, some human encounters, some pine forests, some more above or in the litter or below it, and so on. Sometimes the preferences are significant. You will find them when you go looking through the forest floor and its leafy or woody debris - in or on. Look also on stems and up tree trunks a bit. When you do collect, try to take notes on habitat.


​State Maps: The state maps show counties – when filled that means the species has a record for that county in the databases examined at the time examined (12/22). These county-level maps are based on the sources above. In some cases, there was no county given in the database and so latitude/longitude data, if available, was used to determine the county. Note that in checking some records in more depth, the location information and the latitude/longitude did not conform, so who knows what was correct? At best, these maps provide some sense of the range of each species in the state. Do not consider the maps to be "truth", but to be "hypotheses".


USA Maps: The USA maps are based on the Nature Serve Explorer data, Hubricht 1985, and Nekola and Coles 2010. In some cases, the Nature Serve data for Indiana did not agree with the museum database data. Again, judgement was used.  Again, consider the maps to be hypotheses.

While there are limitations to the accuracy of the list and information, it does not impact the ability to identify the most common land snails and consider their relative abundance (collection distribution). The list and the distributions should be considered as tentative without a thorough review of the museum collections and, most importantly, an intense effort at new collections.  In the individual species descriptions, you will often be encouraged to consult the original sources to be sure, especially for the less common species.

The list is alphabetical by genus with links that go to either the family, genus, species, or key group level. (NnS = non-native species)

Allogona (Polygyridae)
  Allogona profunda (Broad-banded Forestsnail)

Anguispira (Discidae)
  Anguispira alternata (Flamed Tigersnail)
  Anguispira kochi (Banded Tigersnail)

Arion (Arionidae)
  Arion circumscriptus (Brown-banded Arion Slug) (NnS)
  Arion fasciatus (Orange-banded Arion Slug) (NnS)
  Arion intermedius (Hedgehog Arion Slug) (NnS)
  Arion subfuscus (Dusky Arion Slug) (NnS)

Carychium (Ellobiidae)
  Carychium clappi (Appalachian Thorn Snail)
  Carychium exiguum (Obese Thorn Snail)
  Carychium exile (Ice Thorn Snail)
  Carychium nannodes (File Thorn Snail)
  Carychium riparium (Floodplain Thorn Snail)

Cochilopa (Cionellidae)
  Cochlicopa lubrica (Glossy Pillar Snail)
  Cochlicopa lubricella (Thin Pillar Snail)
  Cochlicopa morseana (Appalachian Pillar Snail)

Columella (Vertiginidae)
  Columella columella (Mellow Column Snail)
  Columella edentula (Toothless Column Snail)
  Columella simplex (High-spire Column Snail)

Daedalochila (Polygyridae)
  Daedalochila dorfeuilliana (Oakwood Liptooth Snail)
  Daedalochila fatigiata (New Harmony Liptooth Snail)
  Daedalochila leporina (Gulf Coast Liptooth Snail)
  Daedalochila mooreana (Grassland Liptooth Snail)
  Daedalochila plicata (Cumberland Liptooth Snail)
  Daedalochila troostiana (Nashville Liptooth)

Deroceras (Agriolimacidae)
  Deroceras laeve (Meadow Slug)
  Deroceras reticulatum (Gray Fieldslug) (NnS)

Discus (Discidae)
  Discus catskillensis (Angular Disc Snail)
  Discus patulus (Domed Disc Snail)
  Discus whitneyi (Forest Disc Snail)

Euchemotrema (Polygyridae)
  Euchemotrema fraternum (Upland Pillsnail)
  Euchemotrema leaii (Lowland Pillsnail)
  Euchemotrema leai aliciae (Alice's Pillsnail)

Euconulus (Euconulidae)
  Euconulus chersinus (Wild Hive Snail)
  Euconulus dentatus (Toothed Hive Snail)
  Euconulus fulvus (Brown Hive Snail)
  Euconulus polygyratus (Fat Hive Snail)
  Euconulus trochulus (Silk Hive Snail)

Gastrocopta (Vertiginidae) - Group B1 - larger species
  Gastrocopta armifera (Armed Snaggletooth Snail)
  Gastrocopta similis (Great Lakes Snaggletooth Snail)

Gastrocopta (Vertiginidae) - Group B2 - smaller species
​​  Gastrocopta contracta (Bottleneck Snaggletooth Snail)
  Gastrocopta corticaria (Bark Snaggletooth Snail)
  Gastrocopta holzingeri (Lambda Snaggletooth Snail)
  Gastrocopta pentodon (Comb Snaggletooth Snail)
  Gastrocopta procera (Wing Snaggletooth Snail)
  Gastrocopta rupicola (Tapered Snaggletooth)
  Gastrocopta similis (Great Lakes Snaggletooth Snail)
​  Gastrocopta sterkiana (a Snaggletooth Snail)
  Gastrocopta tappaniana (White Snaggletooth Snail)​

Gastrodonta (Gastrodontidae)
  Gastrodonta interna (Brown Bellytooth)

Glyphyalinia (Zonitidae)
  Glyphyalinia cryptomphala (Thin Glyph Snail)
  Glyphyalinia indentata (Carved Glyph Snail)
  Glyphyalinia latebricola (no common name)
  Glyphyalinia lewisiana (no common name)
  Glyphyalinia solida (Imperforate Glyph Snail)
  Glyphyalinia rimula (Tongued Glyph Snail)
  Glyphyalinia umbilicata (Texas Glyph Snail)
  Glyphyalinia wheatleyi (Bright Glyph Snail)

Guppya (Helicarionidae)
  Guppya sterkii (Brilliant Granule Snail)

Haplotrema (Haplotrematidae)
  Haplotrema concavum (Gray-foot Lancetooth Snail)

Hawaiia (Zonitidae)
  Hawaiia alachuana (Southeastern Gem Snail)
  Hawaiia minuscula (Minute Gem Snail)

Helicodiscus (Helicodiscidae)
  Helicodiscus notius (Tight Coil Snail)
  Helicodiscus parallelus (Compound Coil Snail)
  Helicodiscus shimeki (Temperate Coil Snail)

Hendersonia  (Helicinidae)
  Hendersonia occulta (Cherrystone Drop Snail)

Inflectarius (Polygyridae)
  Inflectarius edentatus (Smooth-lip Shagreen Snail)
  Inflectarius inflectus (Shagreen Snail)
  Inflectarius rugeli (Deep-tooth Shagreen Snail)

  Limacus flavus (Yellow Gardenslug) (NnS)
  Limax maximus (Giant Garden Slug) (NnS)

Lucilla (Helicodiscidae)
  Lucilla scintilla (Oldfield Coil Snail)
  Lucilla singleyana (Smooth Coil Snail)

Mediappendix (Succineidae)
  Mediappendix exile (Pleistocene Catinella)
  Mediappendix gelida (Frigid Ambersnail)
  Mediappendix parallela (an ambersnail)
  Mediappendix vagans (Mudbank Ambersnail)
  Mediappendix vermeta (Suboval Ambersnail)

Megapallifera (Philomycidae)
  Megapallifera mutabilis (Changeable Mantleslug)

Mesodon (Polygyridae) - "Rimate species"
  Mesodon clausus (Yellow Globelet Snail)
  Mesodon thyroidus (White-lip Globe Snail)

Mesodon (Polygyridae) - "Group F species"
  Mesodon elevatus (Proud Globe Snail)
  Mesodon mitchellianus (Sealed Globelet Snail)
  Mesodon normalis (Grand Globe)
  Mesodon zaletus (Toothed Globe Snail)

Mesomphix (Zonitidae)
  Mesomphix anurus (Frog Button)
  Mesomphix capnodes (Dusky Button Snail)
  Mesomphix cupreus (Copper Button Snail)
  Mesomphix friabilis (Brittle Button Snail)
  Mesomphix globosus (Globose Button Snail)
  Mesomphix inornatus (Plain Button Snail)
  Mesomphix perlaevis (Smooth Button Snail)
  Mesomphix vulgatus (Common Button Snail)

Neohelix (Polygyridae)
  Neohelix albolabris (Whitelip Snail)
  Neohelix alleni (Western Whitelip Snail)
  Neohelix dentifera (Big-tooth Whitelip Snail)

Nesovitrea (Zonitidae)
  Nesovitrea binneyana (Blue Glass Snail)
  Nesovitrea electrina (Amber Glass Snail)

Novisuccinea (Succineidae)
  Novisuccinea ovalis (Oval Ambersnail)

Oligyra (Helicinidae)
  Oligyra  orbiculata (Globular Drop)

Oxychilus (Oxychilidae) (NnS)
  Oxychilus alliarius (Garlic Glass-snail)
  Oxychilus cellarius (Cellar Glass-snail)
  Oxychilus draparnaudi (Dark-bodied Glass-snail)

Oxyloma (Succineidae)
  Oxyloma peoriense (Depressed Ambersnail)
  Oxyloma retusum (Blunt Ambersnail)
  Oxyloma salleanum (Louisiana Ambersnail)

Pallifera (Philomycidae)
  Pallifera dorsalis (Pale Mantleslug)
  Pallifera fosteri (Foster Mantleslug)
  Pallifera hempilli (Woody Mantleslug)
  Pallifera marmorea (Marbeled Mantleslug)
  Pallifera megaphallica (Woody Mantleslug)
  Pallifera secreta (Severed Mantleslug)

Paravitrea (Pristilomatidae)
  Paravitrea capsella (Dimple Supercoil)
  Paravitrea multidentata (Dentate Supercoil Snail)
  Paravitrea significans (Domed Supercoil Snail)

Patera (Polygyridae)
  Patera appressa (Flat Bladetooth Snail)
  Patera laevior (Smooth Bladetooth Snail)
  Patera pennsylvanica (Proud Globelet Snail)
  Patera perigrapta (Engraved Bladetooth Snail)

Philomycus (Philomycidae)
  Philomycus carolinianus (Carolina Mantleslug)
  Philomycus flexuolaris (Winding Mantleslug)

Pomatiopsis (Pomatiopsidae)
  Pomatiopsis cincinnatiensis (Brown Walker)
  Pomatiopsis lapidaria (Slender Walker)

Punctum (Pristilomatidae)
  Punctum blandianum (Brown Spot Snail)
  Punctum minutissimum (Small Spot Snail)
  Punctum pygmaeum (Dwarf Snail)
  Punctum smithi (Lamellate Spot Snail)
  Punctum vitreum (Glass Spot Snail) 

  Pupilla muscorum (Widespread Column Snail)
  Pupoides albilabris (White-lip Dagger Snail)

Rabdotus (Bulimulidae)
  Rabdotus dealbatus (Whitewashed Rabdotus)

Stenotrema (Polygyridae)
  Stenotrema angellum (Kentucky Slitmouth Snail)
  Stenotrema barbatum (Bristled Slitmouth Snail)
  Stenotrema hirsutum (Hairy Slitmouth Snail)
  Stenotrema stenotrema (Inland Slitmouth Snail)

Striatura (Gastrodontidae)
  Striatura ferrea (Black Striate Snail)
  Striatura meridionalis (Median Striate Snail)
  Striatura milium (Fine-ribbed Striate Snail)

Strobilops (Strobilopsidae)
  Strobilops aeneus (Bronze Pinecone Snail)
  Strobilops affinis (Eightfold Pinecone Snail)
  Strobilops hubbardi (Flattened Pinecone)
  Strobilops labyrinthicus (Maze Pinecone Snail)

Succinea (Succineidae)
  Succinea grosvenori (Santa Rita Ambersnail)
  Succinea indiana (Xeric Ambersnail)
  Succinea unicolor (Squatty Ambersnail)

Triodopsis (Polygyridae)
  Triodopsis complanata (Glossy Threetooth Snail)
  Triodopsis discoidea (Rivercliff Threetooth Snail)
  Triodopsis fallax (Mimic Threetooth Snail)
  Triodopsis fradulenta (Baffled Threetooth Snail)
  Triodopsis juxtidens (Atlantic Threetooth Snail)
  Triodopsis tennesseensis (Budded Threetooth Snail)
  Triodopsis tridentata (Northern Threetooth Snail)
  Triodopsis vannostrandi (Alabama Threetooth Snail or Coiled Threetooth?)
  Triodopsis vulgata (Dished Threetooth Snail)

Vallonia (Valloniidae)
  Vallonia costata (Costate Vallonia Snail)
  Vallonia excentrica (Iroquois Vallonia Snail)
  Vallonia gracilicosta (Multirib Vallonia Snail)
  Vallonia parvula (Trumpet Vallonia Snail)
  Vallonia perspectiva (Thin-lip Vallonia Snail)
  Vallonia pulchella (Lovely Vallonia Snail)

Ventridens (Gastrodontidae)
  Ventridens demissus (Perforate Dome Snail)
  Ventridens gularis (Throaty Dome)
  Ventridens intertextus (Pyramid Dome Snail)
  Ventridens ligera (Globose Dome Snail)
  Ventridens suppressus (Flat Dome Snail)

Vertigo (Vertiginidae)
  Vertigo arthuri (Callused Vertigo)
  Vertigo bollesiana (Delicate Vertigo Snail)
  Vertigo elatior (Tapered Vertigo Snail)
  Vertigo gouldii (Variable Vertigo Snail)
  Vertigo milium (Blade Vertigo Snail)
  Vertigo modesta (Cross Vertigo Snail)
  Vertigo morsei (Six-whorl Vertigo Snail)
  Vertigo ovata (Ovate Vertigo Snail)
  Vertigo paradoxa (Mystery Vertigo Snail)
  Vertigo pygmaea (Pygmy Vertigo Snail)
  Vertigo tridentata (Honey Vertigo Snail)
  Vertigo ventricosa (Five-tooth Vertigo Snail)

Webbhelix (Polygyridae)
  Webbhelix multilineata (Striped Whitelip Snail)

Xolotrema (Polygyridae)
  Xolotrema denotatum (Velvet Wedge Snail)
  Xolotrema fosteri (Bladetooth Wedge Snail)
  Xolotrema obstrictum (Sharp Wedge Snail)

Zonitoides (Gastrodontidae)
  Zonitoides arboreus (Quick Gloss Snail)
  Zonitoides limatulus (Dull Gloss Snail)
  Zonitoides nitidus (Black Gloss Snail)

Other Non-native species
    Bradybaena similaris (Asian Tramp Snail)
    Cepaea nemoralis (Grove or Brown-lipped Snail)
    Cornu aspersa (Garden Snail)
    Helix pomatia (Roman Snail or Escargot)
    Otala lactea (Milk Snail)
  Monacha cartusiana (Carthusian or Chartreuse Snail)
    Ambigolimax valentianus (Threeband Gardenslug)