Rabdotus dealbatus - Whitewashed Rabdotus Snail (Family Bulimulidae)

Whitewashed Rabdotus
Rabdotus dealbatus (Say, 1821)

This is notable snail with its Bulimoid shape and simple lip with no tooth. It is the only snail this large with a high spire and smooth and white shell with some darker tan or brownish stripes or blotches. Size might range, based on KY by Dourson (2010) from 15-26 mm tall. In MO, Oesch et al. (2013) saw 17-19 mm.

Comments: Habitat varies from drier, open locations to woodlands and the tops of bluffs besides streams and rivers (Leonard 1959). The individual pictured here was collected in an oak–hickory and cedar woodland in KS, but others may be found in meadow habitats.

Habitat: a calciphile found in open glades and meadows; often seen on the ground or on low vegetation during moist weather (Dourson 2010). Oesch et al. also notes preference for glade habitats that are needed for survival in Missouri. They also note that the Whitewashed Rabdotus burrows in soil, "even during the warm season. Adults are often found a few inches below the surface."

Status: unknown in IN; a single isolated older collection of weathered shells in Henry county far from the Illinois border where this species is found - it is not in the records from Ohio; Dourson (2010) notes it as uncommon in KY with observations in three southern counties.