Vertigo - Vertigo Snails (Family Vertiginidae)

a Vertigo snail

Land snails of the genus Vertigo are tiny (about 2 mm or 1/16 inch) members of the land snail community. They may be found among moist woody debris, in woodlands or grassy areas.

While small, most have an aperture with numerous denticles (teeth) of various locations and characteristics. Their identification takes some skill and I have not attempted an Indiana Vertigo key. For Vertigo species, rely on Nekola and Cole (2010) Pupillid land snails of eastern North America. American Malacological Bulletin 28:29-57.

Based on the museum databases and other maps, there are potentially 12 species in Indiana.

Three more common species, but still scattered, Vertigo snails collected are the Ovate Vertigo Snail (Vertigo ovata) and the Honey Vertigo Snail (Vertigo tridentata), and the Blade Vertigo Snail (Vertigo milium)

The other eight species found named in the databases for Indiana were: Tapered Vertigo Snail (Vertigo elatior), Variable Vertigo Snail (Vertigo gouldii), Cross Vertigo Snail (Vertigo modesta)*, Six-whorl Vertigo Snail (Vertigo morsei), Mystery Vertigo Snail (Vertigo paradoxa)*,  Pygmy Vertigo Snail (Vertigo pygmaea), Five-tooth Vertigo Snail (Vertigo ventricosa) and Delicate Vertigo Snail (Vertigo bollesiana)*. A  ninth species (Vertigo arthuri, Callused Vertigo, von Martens, 1882) was only listed in NatureServe.

* not listed for Indiana in Nature Serve.