Family Succineidae - Amber Snails

Succineids may be found near the margins of ponds, marshes, streams, and lakes or on associated wet grounds. There may be differentiation based on habitat – adjacent to flowing or standing waters. They can be found on the undersides of vegetation. May be found some distance from water.

​The identification of species in the Family Succineidae is based primarily on dissection. As a result, the status of this family and the true number of species found in Indiana is not known. The statewide maps below indicate counties in which any species of the genus has a record, except for Novisuccinea which has a single species. The species in the databases are listed for each. Not all of the species may have been correctly identified and some are not in the state (or nearby according to NatureServe)- this is a troubling group of snails - but are listed anyway. So it goes.

​The four genera are: Mediappendix (formerly Catinella), Novisuccinea, Oxyloma, and Succinea. Oesch et al. (2013) lay out the Succineids of Missouri in fashion that could work well for Indiana. The key that follows is from that source.

1a. Size relatively small (usually less than 10 mm); aperture about ½ of shell length - Mediappendix
1b. Size larger (usually greater than 10 mm); aperture more than ½ of shell length – (2)

2a. Aperture very broad, about 0.8 times as wide as long - Novisuccinea
2b. Aperture narrower and more elongate, about 0.6 times as wide as long – (3)

3a. Color usually reddish at apex of shell; size usually smaller, less than 17 mm (for shells approaching 17 mm, whorl count is greater than 3) - Succinea
3b. Color uniformly yellowish brown; size usually larger, up to 20 mm (for smaller shells in the size range of Succinea, whorl count is 3 or less) - Oxyloma

Mediappendix parallela Franzen, 1979
an Ambersnail

Mediappendix vagans (Webb, 1953)
Slope Ambersnail

Mediappendix vermeta (Say, 1824)
Suboval Ambersnail

Mediappendix exilis (Leonard, 1972)
Pleistocene Catinella (?)

Mediappendix gelida (F.C. Baker, 1927)
Frigid Ambersnail (?)

Novisuccinea ovalis (Say, 1817)
Oval Ambersnail

Oxyloma peoriense (Wolf, 1894)
Depressed Ambersnail

Oxylomum retusum (I. Lea, 1834)
Blunt Ambersnail

Oxyloma salleanum (Pfeiffer, 1849)
Louisiana Ambersnail

Oxyloma decampi (Tryon, 1866)

Marshall Ambersnail (?)

Succinea grosvenori I. Lea, 1864
Santa Rita Ambersnail

Succinea indiana Pilsbry, 1905
Xeric Ambersnail

Succinea unicolor Tryon, 1866
Squatty Ambersnail (?)