Webhelix multilineata - Striped Whitelip Snail (Family Polygyridae)

Striped Whitelip
Webbhelix multilineata (Say, 1821)

Characters: This is a large snail, 20-25 mm diameter, depressed globose, imperforate, oval aperture oval to lunate, usually without lamellae, peristome narrowly reflected, olive-brown shell color, but with multiple reddish brown spiral bands (sometimes absent).

Habitat: This is a snail of “marshy woodlands and meadows” according to Leonard (1959). According to Oesch et al. (2013), this snail can escape floodwaters by climbing up tree trunks or on other vegetation and summarizes an earlier work reporting this species might be predaceous on other snails.

Status: Scattered throughout the state in suitable habitat.

For more images, see also Jaxshells and Hotopp et al. 2013.