Gastrodonta - Bellytooth Snails (Family Gastrodontidae) 

Bellytooth snails are small domed-shaped land snails tight whorls and a pair of teeth in the aperture. The Brown Bellytooth (Gastrodonta interna), is found in Indiana and surrounding states. Records indicate a limited distribution to six counties in southern Indiana bordering the Ohio River. Dourson (2010) shows it inhabits some KY border counties across the river.

A second species, the Appalachia Bellytooth (Gastrodonta fonticula), is absent from Indiana and rare in KY by Dourson (2010), being found in only two southeastern counties, far from Indiana. G. fonticula was considered a subspecies of Gastrodonta interna by Hubricht (1985) and is limited to a few Applachian states (see NatureServe, 2022 for its critical conservation status). 

Brown Bellytooth
Gastrodonta interna (Say, 1822)

Characters: Heliciform, simple lip, subglobose to depressed, perforate, teeth inside aperture, 6-8 mm; over 8 tight whorls, 2 teeth seen in aperture, others inside can be seen through the shell.

Habitat: Hubricht (1985) reports this species found in damp, wooded environments, particularly in deep piles of wet leaf litter and around rotting wood debris.

Status: geographically restricted to the mid-southeast counties bordering the Ohio River, but really unknown