Group D Key

Group D. reflected lip; lip reflected to thick, one or more tooth, pill-shaped

There are three genera in this group of Polygyrid snails - Euchemotrema (the Pillsnails), Stenotrema (the Slitmouth Snails), and Inflectarius (the Shagreen Snails). They are “pill shaped” with a slit-like aperture (less so in the Shagreen) and a long parietal tooth. The first two are smaller and more pill-shaped than the larger Inflectarius which is pill-shaped-like but has a wider aperture.

The Pillsnails (Euchemotrema) lack a notch in their basal lip, unlike a second genus Stenotrema, which has such a notch. Their umbilicus varies from rimate to more open. 8-11 mm diameter.

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Slitmouth snails (Stenotrema) are superficially similar to the Pillsnails, Euchemotrema. Slitmouths have a closed umbilicus (imperforate) and a notch in their basal lip. The shell surface is often covered with hairs. 7-16 mm diameter.

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Inflectarius has a depressed shell but with a somewhat pill-shaped body. It is The shell has fine hairs, is imperforate, has a long curved parietal tooth, and two apertural teeth - a palatal and a basal - so no long basal tooth as in the other two genera. The aperture is rounded but smaller than most, while not quite as narrow as Euchemotrema or Stenotrema. 7-16 mm diameter.

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